Vern, Earl and Stewart, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
Georgian Bay Watercolors

Vern, Earl and Stewart, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

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This captivating painting features the vivacious trio of bachelor brothers at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden - Vern, Earl, and Stewart. Adorned in iridescent coats of black and white, they're a true feast for the eyes. The evening sky's sunset orange and lavender hues reflect off the zebras from the African planes, illuminating their coats. The aroma of large white blooming flowers fills the air, completing the serene ambiance of the scene. These zebra brothers are practically joined at the hip, showing off their tight bond and playful personalities in this fun and funky painting. It's a delightful artwork celebrating the beauty of nature and the joy of friendship.

Painted by Pamela Hallock from the 2022 Collection. This print is available as a giclee, a digitally reproduced fine art print on watercolor paper called Somerset Velvet. Please see giclee descriptions. All giclee prints are a limited edition of 250, signed, numbered, and dated. Available in two sizes, 30 in. x 22 in. or 19 in. x 14 in. Giclee prints have a 1/2 in. border on the sides and top, and a 2 in. border on the bottom. Fine art prints are shipped flat.

This print is also available on Premium Poster Paper. Please see the paper descriptions. Poster prints are available in two sizes, 30 in. x 22 in. or 19 in. x 14 in. All poster prints have a 1/4 in. border on all four sides. 

The original artwork is 30 in. x 22 in.

Due to the differences in computer monitors, the color of the actual print may vary.

Copyright Pamela Hallock 2022



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