Below is my Artist Statement:

My watercolors are all about sharing the joy and wonder of Georgian Bay, Ontario's breathtaking natural beauty.

From the rugged granite islands and windswept pines to the glittering waterways, this place has truly captured my heart and fueled my creativity. Watercolor is my absolute passion, allowing me to play with transparent washes and solid colors to bring light and life to my work. With every canvas, I aim to transport you to a special moment or timeless place, surrounded by the vibrant hues and luminous glow of nature. To create each piece, I start by soaking up the sun and sketching outdoors, snapping photos and filling my color journal with every hue and transparency imaginable. My ultimate goal is to capture the essence of a moment – a magical sunrise canoe ride, an abstract glimpse of nature, the love of family and friends – and bring it to life through the power of color and light. The end result is always a unique story, bursting with vivid hues and radiant light.


Meet Pamela Hallock, an artist based in Loveland, Ohio, who finds inspiration in the everyday moments of life. Married with three children and two dogs, Pamela's art reflects the beauty and joy she sees in the world around her. She earned her BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1995, focusing on painting, book illustration, and printmaking. It was there that she discovered her love for painting after studying the "materials and techniques" of the masters with Constance McClure. Pamela experimented with a variety of media, including oil, tempera, encaustic, and fresco painting, before finally finding her true passion in watercolor. She was captivated by the medium's ability to create luminous, transparent colors that glow with life. Through her work, Pamela aims to share her sense of wonder and delight with the world, inviting viewers to pause and appreciate the beauty of everyday moments.

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