Welcome to Georgian Bay Watercolors. I hope you enjoy my 2018 and 2019 Collection. The Bay is a place to wonder, to explore, to be alone or with others. I have been up to the cottage with my husband and family for over thirty years. I am always in awe of the Bay's natural beauty. 


Below is my Artist Statement:

I created my 2018 and 2019 watercolors to share the wild natural beauty of Georgian Bay, Ontario. Thousands of granite islands, wind blown pines and glimmering waterways have captured my imagination and stoked the fires of my creativity. Watercolor is my passion. It has the ability to dance between transparent washes and deep opaque solids, capturing light and transforming color into a luminous glow. Each canvas is a bridge to the outside world to share a special event or a timeless place. I use luminous color and light to create that “feel good” moment of surrounding myself in nature and soaking up the sun. During my creative process, I start outside with natural light, I sketch, photograph and color journal. The color journal is filled with “swatches” of color in different hues and transparencies. My goal is to preserve a special moment, a sunrise canoe paddle, an abstract form in nature, the love of family and friends. In the end, each piece captures a story of color and light.


Below is my Bio:

Pamela Hallock lives and works in Loveland, Ohio. She is married with three children and two dogs. She graduated in 1995 from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a BFA focusing on painting, book illustration and print making. She first became devoted to painting after studying the "materials and techniques" of the masters taught by Constance McClure. Pamela explored oil, tempera, encaustic and fresco painting. Her passion became watercolor, fascinated by its luminous transparent colors. In 2019, Pamela exhibited at the Ojibway Art Show, (juried), Ontario Canada. She will be participating in the 2020 Bayscapes Art Show (juried) Toronto, Canada. This art show benefits the Georgian Bay Land Trust.

 Thank you,

Pamela Hallock